What Are Your Plans After Graduation?

Douglas ViaOne of the most dreaded questions for an undergraduate student is “What are you doing after graduation?” It is usually not as stressful for the graduate students, and we spoke to graduates from several Master’s programs and here is what they shared…

Tara Scibelli, who received her M.A. in Humanities, says she will most likely continue to pursue creative writing of some sort as her thesis was a creative writing poetry project. She has many other plans, but the one she is looking forward to the most is to continue to enjoy her new grandson, who was born last year and was an inspiration for some of her writing.
Lois Johnson-Mead, Environmental Biology graduate, came to Hood College as a science educator with experience working with U.S. Fish & Wildlife researchers in raptor conservation. “I wanted to enhance my conservation expertise and to be equipped to help my students address climate change challenges,” adds Lois, who plans to explore opportunities in STEM administration or programs in wildlife restoration and outreach education.

Another Environmental Biology graduate, Kevin Stanfield, looks forward to an internship for the National Park Service through the American Conservation Experience.
Emily Sikora, who earned her M.S. in Reading Specialization, will continue teaching second grade at Urbana Elementary School. In the future, Emily would like to pursue a role as a Literacy Specialist at an elementary school.
Abdul Wasay Mir, an M.S. graduate in Information Technology, wants to keep working on his startup company, providing cybersecurity services. Abdul Wasay is also planning to pursue Ph.D. at a later point in life.
Mia Zimnik has a very straightforward goal as she uses her M.S. in Environmental Biology – Job search! “I’ve been applying to jobs for the past few months, but have yet to find the perfect fit.” Mia plans to pursue a career in either wildlife biology or environmental education, whichever path finds her first!

Congratulations once again to all our graduates and hope all your dreams and plans come true!