photo latestKamal Saran Rangavajhula received his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Andhra University at Vizag in India, and decided to continue his education at Hood College by enrolling in the college’s Master of Science in Management of Information Systems (MIS). Kamal says he was not too familiar with the campus and the department but the praise he heard from an uncle, a Frederick resident, was more than enough to decide to come to Hood.

Kamal chose Hood’s MIS program because it has a cluster of science and management courses, and both are essential. “Coming from a science background I have the interest to know about Management.” Therefore, Kamal was exploring either the pursuit of MBA or MIS courses. “I didn’t really want to leave science.”, he says. By choosing the program which incorporated both IT and management classes, was a great decision and finally gave him a peace of mind.

Kamal is currently working on a research project with Dr. Carol Jim and Dr. Ahmed Salem, with the title Detection of Unauthorized Usage of User Accounts through Mouse Dynamics. This research is in the last stage, as Kamal is writing a paper on it. He believes that the knowledge he received in his classes at Hood is definitely current. “The projects that I did in my telecommunications and data analytics classes are real-time projects that we did in the class,” says Kamal. Moreover, the concept of group project gives him a head start when starting to work in an organization.

Kamal believes the MIS program is high quality as there a vast number of research projects to do in the field and the program teaches you about current, essential job markets. It is also interesting as the atmosphere rapidly changes between the management and IT classes one takes, and the program is one he would recommend to others.