Outstanding Student- Mathematics Education

i-t2qcb6x-LKristen Portalea is currently a math teacher at Rockville High School in Montgomery County, in her 6th year teaching for Montgomery County Public Schools. When she began, Kristen was even recognized as the Novice Teacher of the Year.

Kristen’s article and lesson plans about the “Mathematics of Driving” were recently published in the spring edition of the Banneker Banner. The lessons were designed to spark a high school student’s interest and make math more relatable, and covered topics including measuring the grade of a hill, the coefficient of friction between the road and tires of a car, the minimum stopping distance for a vehicle, and the speed at which a driver will lose control around a curve.

In her free time, Kristen is an outdoors enthusiast, who has backpacked over 300 miles of the Appalachian Trail!