Outstanding IT Student Award Goes to Alzahrani

Left to right: Dr. Ahmed Salem, Dr. ______, award winner Hassan Alzahrani and Hood President Ron Volpe

Left to right: Dr. Ahmed Salem, award sponsor Gary Corsar M.S. ’09,  Hassan Alzahrani and Hood President Ron Volpe

Faculty selected Hassan Alzahrani to receive the Gary Corsar Outstanding  Information Technology Award for 2015.

Hassan had more than 16 years of experience in the field of computers and IT technologies before enrolling at Hood’s Graduate School. After earning his B.S. degree in information systems from King Saud University — a public university in Saudi Arabia — Hassan had major roles in the design, implementation, operation, and support of technical and commercial solutions of Hewlett Packard’s OpenView and Cisco Networking products. He was also involved in implementations of company/campus wireless networks, IP telephony and Virtual Switching Systems.

While at Hood, Hassan worked as a teaching assistant for Computer Forensics and Network and Telecommunications classes. He helped building Forensics Toolkit Product (FTK) Lab, and also the Graphical Network Simulator (GNS3) for Telecommunications purposes. He is now pursuing his doctorate degree at Towson University in the field of information technology.