Kelli Green Receives the Outstanding Educational Leadership Award

 GreenHood College takes pride in preparing new leaders. Kelli Green, this year’s Outstanding Educational Leadership Award recipient, started her Hood career in 2008, studying as an undergraduate student. She graduated in 2011 with her certification in Secondary Education with a concentration in English. Since then, she has been teaching for Frederick County Public Schools at Frederick High School.


Kelli is a teacher leader and is a member of the FCPS Vanguard program, a partnership between FCPS and Hood that includes classes promoting leadership, and focusing on mindset, instructional technology, teaching practices, and professional learning and networking. As a teacher, she excels at integrating technology in a way that benefits students., including being as early adopter of 1:1 classroom technology and blended learning. She is also working at the forefront of FCPS’ Competency Based Education Initiative.

Special thanks to Dr. Keith Harris, M.S. ’99, who funds the Outstanding Educational Leadership award.