Hood College’s Educational Leadership Programs


Educational Leadership programswhich include the Educational Leadership Certificate and Master of Science in Educational Leadership – are among the most effective preparation programs for school principals in Maryland. Hood’s Educational Leadership program contains both on-campus and cohort-based programming and serves nearly three hundred candidates across the region who are seeking their professional credentials to become a school principal. Many of these Hood graduates are now practicing principals in school systems across the greater Frederick region.  Hood College has strong partnerships in the region which provide access to the program for candidates in four regional school systems.

Candidates in their master’s degree or post-master’s degree study benefit from the instructional expertise and knowledge of practicing school and school system leaders.  Following their coursework preparation, candidates turn theory into practice by engaging in the capstone experience of the program: a year-long internship under the mentorship of their principal.

For further information please visit http://www.hood.edu/EdLead/ and http://www.hood.edu/Graduate-School/Programs/Educational-Leadership-Certificate-Preparation.html