Master’s on Saturday, Acting AP the Next Week

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Erin Horman crop 2Talk about being in the right place at the right time with the right degree! Erin Horman flipped the tassel on her mortarboard on  Saturday, May 17, signifying that she had earned a master’s in Educational Leadership. The next week she was promoted from second grade teacher to acting assistant principal at Carroll Manor Elementary School in Frederick County, MD.  Erin credits the leadership program for the ease with which she’s transitioned to her new role.

What’s the Best Way to Teach Trinomial Factoring?

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That’s the question Liz Burris sought to answer in her Mathematics Education capstone project. However, after researching different factoring methods, analyzing student data and surveying Frederick County Public School educators, she concluded math educators have quite varied beliefs about the matter. In the end, Liz arrived at her own opinion: a combination of sum-product, guess and check, grouping, use of manipulatives and scaling methods.  Her paper was published in The Banneker Banner, Vol. 28, no. 1. Liz BurrisLiz is currently a substitute math teacher for the Boyertown Area School District in Pennsylvania. She and her husband recently welcomed their first child.  

Thanatology Staff and Students at ADEC Conference

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The Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) annual conference is being held at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel in downtown Baltimore April 24-26, 2014. 

Hood faculty and current Thanatology graduate students will present at the conference, including Dr. Terry Martin, Dr. Elizabeth MacDougall, Breanne Carbaugh, and RaeAnne Wiseman.  Dr. Rebecca Morse, graduate of  the Thantatology master’s degree program and adjunct faculty member in the psychology department, is organizing an event for Hood College Thanatology alumni during the conference. Rebecca currently serves on the ADEC board of directors. The Graduate School will have an exhibit  at the conference to spread the word about this dynamic graduate program. 


Common Core vs SOL

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Katie Victor

Katie Victor

Jen Long

Jen Long

Mathematics Education graduate students Katie Victor and Jen Long’s collaborative capstone project compared Maryland’s Common Core Standards with Virginia’s Standards of Learning. Their goal: to determine if an algebra student from one state could transfer relatively seamlessly between the state’s public school systems. The two found that, with small exceptions, the states had very comparable curricula. In analyzing videos of themselves teaching the same lesson — one in Maryland and the other in Virginia — they even found that their instructional styles and deliveries were similar!

Both alums currently teach Algebra — Katie at Blue Ridge Middle School in Loudoun County, Virginia, and Jen at Smithsburg Middle School in Washington County, Maryland.