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Glaze Application Workshop Coming August 15-16

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Joyce Michaud

Joyce Michaud

Joyce Michaud, professor of Art and director of the MFA and Graduate Certificate programs in Ceramic Art at Hood, will teach a workshop in glaze application August 15-16.

The two-day session is a study of basic and advance information and techniques for successful glazing of the ceramic form. Students will learn to analyze the bisque form to make appropriate finishing choices to balance or strengthen the composition. In addition, Dr. Michaud will present techniques that facilitate the glazing process and discuss procedures to achieve consistent results.

Non-tuition students can register by visiting Degree students should contact the Ceramic Arts department at 301-696-3526. The fee is $185 and students who successfully complete the workshop will earn one graduate credit.


Campion Honored for Adjunct Teaching Excellence

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Corey Campion (center) with Daryl Boffman

Corey Campion (center) with Daryl Boffman, Vice Chair of the Board of Associates, and Dr. Edgar Schick, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Corey Campion, program director and professor of the Humanities program, is the 2015 recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award for Adjunct Faculty.  As Graduate School Dean Maria Green Cowles said at the awards ceremony in May, Professor Campion’s Humanities students are quite clear: He makes them work hard. And in so doing, he inspires them to do their best.  

As one student wrote, Professor Campion’s “classes are challenging (to say the least), but the class discussions are always informative and engaging….[He] truly pushes his students to create their best work.  He doesn’t give students any slack when it comes to writing and analysis… you absolutely cannot complete one of his classes without improving your academic skills.” 

At a time when the Humanities is often disparaged by political pundits, Campion is known for challenging his students to explore its meaning and relevance.  He serves as a mentor in a manner that students cherish. In the words of other students, “he lets you know when you’ve done something well, and he encourages students to think about their futures beyond graduate school”; “he goes above and beyond to provide resources and advice for scholarship”; and “his integrity is unimpeachable.”

Stenersen Recognized for Excellence in Teaching

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Professor Roger Stenersen (center) with Daryl Boffman, Vice Chair of the Board of Associates, and Dr. Edgar Schick, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Professor Roger Stenersen (center) with Daryl Boffman, Vice Chair of the Board of Associates, and Dr. Edgar Schick, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Professor Roger Stenersen likes to introduce himself as a reformed high school principal.  At Hood’s Graduate School awards ceremony in May, however, Dean Maria Green Cowles introduced him as the recipient of the 2015 Excellence in Teaching Award for Full-Time Faculty. 

Once a high school English teacher who later became principal at four public high schools, Roger knows what it takes to prepare future school leaders. Last year, under Roger’s direction, over 97 percent of recent Educational Leadership candidates reported that they passed Maryland’s required School Leaders Licensure Assessment the first time they took it. In fact, students’ scores far exceeded both the state and national averages across all major indicators.

Roger was first person in the Education department to offer a completely online course.  He thought teachers in the Washington and Berkeley County public school systems should be given the opportunity to grow their school leaders, so Hood now offers onsite certificate programs in these counties. And he was one of the leading collaborators in Hood’s proposed doctoral program in Organizational Leadership. 

Roger is a leader in his own right — as board chair of the United Way of Frederick and, before that, campaign co-chair of a successful $1.6 million campaign for the United Way of Washington County.  Roger also meets regularly with school leaders themselves to find out what they need today to be successful in the classroom, in the school system and in the larger community.  As one of his students wrote in his nomination letter, Professor Stenersen’s “talent and love for the field of education” are evident to everyone in the classroom.

Computer Science Award Goes to Broadhurst

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Andrew Broadhurst with Dr. Zinlian Liu and Hood President Ronald Volpe

Andrew Broadhurst with Dr. Xinlian Liu and Hood President Ronald Volpe

Program faculty nominated Andrew Broadhurst for the 2015 Bryce Blackwood Beauchamp Outstanding Computer Science Student Award in recognition of his accomplishments in research as well as for maintaining an impeccable academic record.

Andrew actually began his career while still in high school in Rockville, Maryland, working part time as a technician in a local computer store. Armed with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, he has since held positions in software development and IT management for several companies.  Most recently, he has been working at the Joint Medical Logistic Functional Development Center at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, under contract with HP.

Research is Andrew’s passion. He has presented research in the areas of artificial intelligence, numerical simulation and high-performance computing.

Roth Receives Outstanding Student Award for Humanities

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Francesca Roth with Hood President Ron Volpe and Humanities program director Corey Campion

Francesca Roth with Hood President Ron Volpe and Humanities program director Corey Campion

The 2015 Lisa Ann Sullivan Outstanding Humanities Student Award winner is Francesca Roth.

Professor Corey Campion, who worked with Fran both in the classroom and on her capstone committee, was “impressed by her intelligence and dedication to scholarship. Her capstone examined a series of literary representations of the French Revolution and drew on work in both history and literary studies…I found the project to be an ideal example of what work in the Humanities can look like.” To top it off, Fran wrote and defended the project in French!

Fran’s master’s thesis was a continuation of a study of the Terror and its influence on post-revolutionary French literature that she began in her undergraduate honors thesis. French professor Dr. Lisa Marcus says that Fran’s “critical analysis of the texts and of literary criticism, already perceptive in her undergraduate years, evolved into a much deeper understanding of texts and contexts that could easily develop into an original and noteworthy doctoral dissertation topic.”

Fran was accepted for the University of Maryland’s Ph.D. program in French with a full fellowship for fall 2015, an impressive feat indeed considering the highly competitive nature of such fellowships. Fran has been teaching elementary French at Hood since she completed her master’s degree.

Moody Earns Outstanding Student Award for Curriculum and Instruction

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Randi Moody (center) with Dr. Judy Sherman and Hood President Ron Volpe

Randi Moody (center) with Dr. Judy Sherman and Hood President Ron Volpe

Randi Moody received the Jenny E. Nunn Outstanding Curriculum and Instruction Student Award for 2015. Faculty in the program characterize Randi as “a dynamic dynamo who is the penultimate multitasker.”  

Randi’s participation in Hood activities has consistently gone well beyond her coursework. she also served as the Graduate Assistant for Hood’s Education Department. Having completed her master’s in Curriculum and Instruction, Randi now plans to acquire new skill sets in new areas. This fall, she will continue her education at Hood in the Reading Specialization program as well as maintain her workship in the Education Department. She will also be a member of the Middle States Committee for the Graduate School, a role in which she hopes to provide input from the graduate student’s viewpoint to enhance the learning experience. “Randi will bring to the table a strong work ethic and thoughtful perspective that will guarantee a productive outcome for the committee,” according to C&I faculty.

Employed by the Maryland State Department of Education as a Quality Assurance Specialist for Maryland EXCELS — the quality rating and improvement system for Early Childhood Education — Randi wants to continue to influence the lives of young children, either directly or indirectly, with MSDE or at the local level.

Outstanding IT Student Award Goes to Alzahrani

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Left to right: Dr. Ahmed Salem, Dr. ______, award winner Hassan Alzahrani and Hood President Ron Volpe

Left to right: Dr. Ahmed Salem, award sponsor Gary Corsar M.S. ’09,  Hassan Alzahrani and Hood President Ron Volpe

Faculty selected Hassan Alzahrani to receive the Gary Corsar Outstanding  Information Technology Award for 2015.

Hassan had more than 16 years of experience in the field of computers and IT technologies before enrolling at Hood’s Graduate School. After earning his B.S. degree in information systems from King Saud University — a public university in Saudi Arabia — Hassan had major roles in the design, implementation, operation, and support of technical and commercial solutions of Hewlett Packard’s OpenView and Cisco Networking products. He was also involved in implementations of company/campus wireless networks, IP telephony and Virtual Switching Systems.

While at Hood, Hassan worked as a teaching assistant for Computer Forensics and Network and Telecommunications classes. He helped building Forensics Toolkit Product (FTK) Lab, and also the Graphical Network Simulator (GNS3) for Telecommunications purposes. He is now pursuing his doctorate degree at Towson University in the field of information technology.

Gomba Outstanding Biomedical Science Student

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Laura Wanner Gomba with Dr. Rachel Bagni and Hood President Ron Volpe

Laura Wanner Gomba with Dr. Rachel Bagni and Hood President Ron Volpe

Laura Wanner Gomba is the recipient of the Carlo and Valerie Bagni Oustanding Biomedical Science Student Award for 2015.

Hood Graduate School alum Dr. Rachel Bagni, who now heads the Biomedical Science program at Hood and established the award in honor of her parents, calls Laura “an exemplary student [and] …an excellent representative of Hood in an highly competitive and demanding field. ”

Bagni describes Laura’s thesis  – Development of an electrochemiluminescent assay to support high throughput screening for botulinum neurotoxin serotype A inhibitors – as a “well conceived, designed and executed project which highlighted Laura’s commitment to quality scientific research. Data from the thesis has been included in multiple funded grant applications. 

Cyrana Honored as Outstanding Environmental Biology Student

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Michael Cyrana is the recipient of the 2015 Christopher H. Smith Outstanding Environmental Biology Student Award. During his time at Hood, exemplified many of the best qualities that the Environmental Biology faculty looks for in its students.

In the faculty nomination, professor of biology Drew Ferrier described Mike as “an active and involved student in the classroom, always adding to discussions and making insightful connections among seemingly divergent topics. He also excelled in his research, working independently to develop a novel research study that assessed the ability of hooked mussels to develop defenses against being preyed upon by both native and non-native crabs.”

In the course of his work,  Mike also collaborated with and helped direct two undergraduate students who were conducting related studies – providing him with a first mentoring experience and the undergraduates with a valuable first research experience.

Since graduating from Hood in September, 2014, Mike was accepted as a Ph.D. student at Tulane University in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  He is now a doctoral teaching assistant there and beginning further studies.

Breese Selected Outstanding MBA Student

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Erin Breese

Erin Breese

Erin Breese was selected as the recipient of the Amy Kaufman MacLeod Outstanding MBA Student Award for 2015.  While at Hood College, she worked with the MBA program as a graduate assistant for two years. She also interned on a special project involving risk management at Fairchild Controls and was initiated as a member of the Phi Kappa Phi honor society.

Previously educated in the graphic arts, Erin worked with the non-profit Center for Civic Education for nearly seven years. “The Center’s communication strategy required me to evaluate the overall programmatic goals of the organization and how they would be disseminated to a wider audience,” she says, “I realized that my passion for these projects had a great deal to do with being a part of integral business decision-making….”

Since graduating, Erin has relocated to Los Angeles, where she works as a financial analyst at Convalo Health International. After she was hired, Erin I found out that the original job post included filters that favored candidates that had an MBA title. “In that way, the MBA qualified me for a larger pool of positions for which I would not otherwise have even been considered,” she says. Erin has discovered that her studies prepared her with a “comprehensive knowledge of all the working parts of a business…from theoretical and practical viewpoints…not necessarily just my own particular role.”