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Outstanding Student- Educational Leadership

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i-mzS4Z8D-L  Kaitlin Moore applied to Hood College’s Educational Leadership Program at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, and when she was interviewed by the program director on October 26, he noted, “Kaitlin is an exceptionally motivated educator who is more capable than most; she is quite articulate in expressing her passion as an educator.”  Some people are just that impressive when one meets them for the first time!

Kaitlin teaches at Hillcrest Elementary where she has been able to employ one of her academic passions, Spanish, to mold positive relationships with elementary school students whose first language is Spanish. Thanks largely to Kaitlin’s drive, Hillcrest – the elementary school with the highest percentage of Hispanic students in the state of Maryland – has ensured that such students are English proficient before they leave the school.

In fact, her methods are so effective that Kaitlin has hosted educators from Washington County, Montgomery County and the Maryland Department of Education in her classroom so they can adopt the Hillcrest Dual Language model of instruction, which Kaitlin developed.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Kaitlin has applied to and been accepted to the Johns Hopkins Doctoral Studies in Education program, where we have every faith that she will experience the same kind of success as she’s experienced here at Hood.

Outstanding Student- Management in Informaton Technology

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i-QcFk8rK-L  Larbi Bricha, a native of Morocco fluent in French, Arabic and English, is currently the Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions and Data Management in the Hood Graduate School.  Larbi has been successfully applying his data management skills acquired in the MIT program in the Graduate School office.  In addition, he has served as a graduate teaching assistant in the Computer Science department.  With his strong background in data analysis and approachable demeanor, Larbi has consistently been a leader among his peers, which also made him a natural teaching assistant to fellow students.   In and out of the classroom, Larbi’s command of data analytics and management techniques has made him the clear candidate for this year’s Outstanding MIT Student award.

Oustanding Student- Curriculum & Instruction

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i-WCCHhXK-L Amanda Magnanelli has been an educator with Frederick County Public
Schools for six years serving as a fifth grade teacher at Urbana Elementary
School.  As a prior recipient of the
Distinguished Teacher Candidate for the Maryland Association of Teacher
Educators, Amanda has maintained a passion for science and for inspiring
students of all backgrounds and abilities by incorporating innovative
techniques. She is a culturally proficient educator with a desire to foster
21st century learners. As a result of her teaching excellence, dedication and
outstanding classroom performance, she was a nominee for FCPS’s 2017 Teacher of
the Year.  Amanda’s action research
project was a model, and she consistently produced high-caliber work throughout
the whole capstone process

Outstanding Student- Information Technology

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i-Xp3pR9p-L Jeff Blake’s time at Hood College has been productive as he has tailored his educational needs to his future assignments within the U.S. Army.  Jeff enjoys tutoring his fellow students and encourages them to excel in areas of weakness.  In addition, Jeff served as an adjunct professor for the Hood ROTC program and volunteered his time on a regular basis as a teacher assistant within the Computer Science Suite.  Jeff’s current assignment is as the Information Integration officer for the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command G6 Communications Division.  His performance in the IT program has been truly exemplary—he has continually been a leader among his peers—in and out of the classroom.

Outstanding Student- Computer Science

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i-H22VFMb-L As an undergraduate at Hood College, James Scott McLemore became interested in artificial intelligence.  He created a set of C++ algorithms for controlling an autonomous robot’s mobility and navigation, which ended up winning first place at the Virtual Manufacturing and Automation Challenge in the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.   In the past few years, Scott focused on machine learning and information systems, which he put to use while working at Zeta Associates, Inc.

Outside of work and education, Scott is an avid gamer and enjoys hobbies utilizing logic and strategy. One such hobby is competing in tabletop war games where he has ranked in the top 10 in the United States.

Outstanding Student- Environmental Biology

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Curtis Rogeri-jpCrsC6-Ls is the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Environmental Biology Student award.  While enrolled in Hood College’s ENV Master’s program, Curtis was given the opportunity to work on a USDA-APHIS grant analyzing the effects of insect growth regulators on a honeybee pest, the small hive beetle. He presented his findings at both the Mid-Atlantic Ecological Society of America regional meeting, and at the National ESA meeting, as well as to a group of notable Korean visiting scientists.  As a direct result of his academic work at Hood, Curtis is employed by the USDA Bee Research Lab to assist in researching honeybee physiology, nutrition, and the various pests that continue to plague them.  He is working on preparing the findings of his thesis on small hive beetles for publication and hopes to get at least two journal articles out of the endeavor.


Outstanding Student- Biomedical Science

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Bagni Elizabeth “Lizzy” Terrell began the Hood College Master’s in Biomedical Science program in the fall of 2013 and is a truly exemplary student and classroom leader. When speaking of Lizzy’s work on her thesis project, her NCI mentor, Dr. Susan Morrison states:  “Lizzy Terrell is one of the most talented young scientists that I have had the privilege to work with.  She is bright, articulate, and sets high standards for herself both in the quality of her work and in her thinking about scientific problems.  She embarks on a research career with outstanding potential.”  The BMS Faculty at Hood concur and look forward to reading the great scientific advances Lizzy will make throughout her career.  Lizzy also the won Hood’s Three-Minute Thesis Competition.


Become a (Better) Leader with Hood’s Doctoral Program!

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bandsDid you know that Hood has a doctoral program in Organizational Leadership? Learn all about it directly from Kathleen Bands, the director of the program, on our brand new YouTube channel!

Meet Kathleen Bands

Hear her describe the program, which offers degree options in educational leadership (D.O.L.) and business administration (D.B.A.). Working with a cohort of peers from various backgrounds, doctoral candidates learn from coursework and practical experience that will help as they pursue their individual goals. Current students include school principals, researchers, human resources directors, and project managers. Several have undergraduate and/or graduate degrees from Hood, and aim to become the colleges’ first “Three Degree” graduates! Learn more about Dr. Bands and the program in the above video, as well as on our website (Hood Graduate School Doctoral Program).

Don’t forget to subscribe to the Graduate School’s brand new YouTube channel!

About the GSA

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PURPOSE: The objectives of the GSA shall be to:

a. Promote better communication among graduate students, the faculty, and the administration.
b. Provide Graduate students with an official and representative forum in which to raise Graduate student concerns.
c. Provide funding for the purposes of Graduate student societies, research projects, and educational conferences.
d. Provide activities and services which will assist students in their graduate and post-graduate work.
e. Provide social and networking opportunities for Graduate students.
f. Strengthen the Hood community and bridge the relationships between the College and its Graduates.


All students enrolled in graduate studies or students presenting a statement by their department(s) certifying them to be graduate students shall automatically be eligible to become members of the Graduate Student Association.
a. Active membership of the Graduate Student Association shall be chosen without discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, creed, age, religion, color, political affiliation or ideology, or national or ethnic origin
b. Active membership requires that the members be a full or part time Graduate Student at Hood College.
c. Full and Part-time Graduate students retain full privileges within the Graduate Student Association with the right to hold office and vote.
d. The Graduate Student Association recognizes various Graduate Societies.
e. The Graduate School at Hood College recognizes various academic disciplines.

Types of Events:

Café B4 Class: Get a coffee and a snack before your class. Feel free to mingle with us and other graduate students or dash to your next class!
Mixers: Meet grad students in other departments or even someone who is in your class that you haven’t met yet! Mixers are great for meeting new friends and networking.

List of Upcoming Events:

Café B4 Class March 8th 5 – 6:30pm Whitaker Atrium
Career and Internship Fair March 21st 3:30 – 6:30pm BB&T
Café B4 Class March 22nd 5 – 6:30pm Whitaker Atrium
GSA Mixer March 23rd 7:45 – 9:30pm Hodson Atrium
First Saturday in Downtown Frederick April 1st 3 – 7pm Meet in Whitaker Atrium
Café B4 Class April 5th 5 – 6:30pm Whitaker Atrium
Café B4 Class April 19th 5 – 6:30pm Whitaker Atrium
Café B4 Class May 3rd 5 – 6:30pm Whitaker Atrium

Get on the GSA member list:

Getting Involved:

We know graduate students can be very busy, from family life to working full time jobs, so you can be as involved as you’d like. If you would like to help us plan events or if you only have time to help spread the word of upcoming events and activities to your fellow classmates we would love to have you join. If you want more information about the GSA or you wish to join the GSA please email

GSA Bios

Jorden – Social Media Outreach Coordinator
I am currently in my second semester at Hood College in the Biomedical Sciences program. I currently work full time in cancer research. I grew up in Iowa and moved to Maryland after I graduated from Iowa State University with a B.S. in genetics. My favorite thing about Hood is the smaller class sizes. Having gone to a state school my classes were very large and I find that the smaller class size of Hood allows me the opportunity to get more involved in my classes. In my free time I love to travel, learn about new cultures, read, and try new foods.

Lois Johnson-Mead
Lois Johnson-MeadI am in my final semester at Hood College pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental Biology. I have really enjoyed my science program at Hood: it has pushed me to think in new ways, is very flexible, allows me to acquire relevant skills, and is a friendly intimate community. I have been an educator and senior administrator with experience in science instruction, professional development, and research. In 2015, I was given a chance to combine my science knowledge with education when I was selected for the Fish and Wildlife Service Directorate Fellow Program (DFP). I had skills in GIS I acquired at Hood which with my education background which benefitted me tremendously. As a DFP, I conducted risk assessments of invasive aquatic species and assisted on a marketing initiative to create a social media platform targeting educational audiences. I am working towards graduation in the Fall of 2017 after conducting an independent internship project on prey delivery for a breeding bald eagle pair. I am ready to start a new phase of life combining education and conservation. When I am not romping through the trails of MD state parks with my family and dog, Thor, you can find me organic gardening or searching for new places to get a good slice of pizza!


Bioinformatics Program Director Named

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The Hood College bioinformatics master’s program is pleased to introduce a new program director who has more than a decade of experience in conducting research, teaching and directing educational programs.

Miranda Darby, Ph.D., is an expert in molecular biology and computing. She comes to Hood after working since September 2012 as a postdoctoral fellow in the Stanley Division of Developmental Neurovirology in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where she developed and implemented bioinformatics tools to study the genome. Prior to that, she completed thesis research at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, examining the mechanisms that regulate gene transcription.

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