A Hood Legacy

scottFor Jackie Scott, coming to Hood College for her MFA in Ceramics was following a family tradition.  “My mother is a Hood alum and I was aware of the amazing education and facilities here. I knew that Joyce Michaud had a strong program and that she could teach me technical skills that others could not.” Jackie’s mother got her MFA from Hood in 2014 and Jackie is currently working on her own degree, which included a personal exhibition at Hood last summer. She also works as the school’s Studio Arts Manager.


Growing up, Jackie volunteered at a craft school in exchange for classes and has since worked in sculpture, printmaking, glass, wood, metal, and clay. She earned her B.A. in Studio Arts from Temple University in 2014, and shares a studio with her mother, who provides lots of “consistent feedback”.  scott work


Jackie praises the Hood community, where “students are motivated and excited about learning.” She appreciates how students work together and share information, leading to great discussions and practical applications. As a Hood student, she is grateful for important experiences, such as getting to attend the National Clay Conference yearly, building a ceramic 3D printer and working with artists from around the world.